Do you want to shop for comfortable loungewear Are you a fan of hair accessories? Do you want to find the right place to purchase these products? This article will provide all the information you need.

This account contains information about a newly opened store. This website is a great resource for female shoppers worldwide. They want to verify its legality and clarify their doubts regarding Is Banjarwaru Legit. Please continue reading to learn more.

Is Banjarwaru Reliable?

To view the items on this website, you must take a deep breath and wait. It is useful to clarify your doubts regarding the legitimacy of this website. This section will help you feel confident about purchasing from this site.

  • The Age of Portal – This website is approximately three months old. It was launched by the developers on 22 February 2022.
  • Trust Index of Portal2% is a Very Poor Trust Score.
  • Customer Reviews – We went through some products to search for Banjarwaru Reviews, but couldn’t find any feedback.
  • Social Media Connection – The website doesn’t have any links to social media platforms.
  • The website doesn’t include important information such as shipping and terms and conditions. The details of the Refund are listed under Shipping without specifying the shipping details.
  • No Contact Information – Developers have not listed any contact points on this platform. There is no contact information, such as e-mail address or number, on this platform.

These details suggest that this website could be fraudulent. We are unable to make a judgement on Is Banjarwaru Legit because it is so recent.

What’s Banjarwaru?

Banjarwaru, a virtual ecommerce platform, offers clothing and accessories for women and girls. There are many clothing items, including dresses, cardigans and loungewear, as well as jeans. Accessories include bags, belts and hair accessories as well as shoes, jewelry, and boots.


  • Types of Platforms – An online platform that sells accessories for women and girls.
  • Address of Website –
  • All missing: Contact Number, Physical Address, and E-mail Address.
  • Shipping Policy – Absent. It is however mentioned that orders over $60 qualify for free shipping. Your query about Is Banjarwaru Legit is reaffirmed by the absence of policy words.
  • Social Media Links – Not Connected.
  • Product Price –Provided In USD.
  • Return and refund information –Buyers should contact the team within 3 days to discuss return requests. We are unable to provide information about the refund period.
  • Payment Options –Absent at the home page.
  • Sorting Option:Present
  • Filter ByAbsent
  • Terms & Conditions –Unavailable
  • Privacy Policy –Available


You will find many positive aspects to shopping online.

  • This store has extraordinary patterns, even activewear.
  • These size charts are extremely informative and useful for both men and women.

Cons About Is Banjarwaru Legit

Below are some of the things we found concerning this website.

  • The deadline for returning items is three days. After that, the team will not accept any further requests. This website does not have any contact information. You can only fill out a form to reach the team by filling in a form. This could cause customers to not be satisfied within the timeframe.
  • It lacks key features such as social media linking, customer reviews, policies like shipping, payment and terms of usage. It is therefore difficult to trust this portal.
  • Customers are unlikely to trust the website.

Banjarwaru Reviews

This store is not mentioned on any of the leading feedback portals. It is clear that customers have not yet trusted this website. This website’s newness and lack of features make it difficult to explore and rely on. The website doesn’t have reviews of its products, but it does include a section for reviews. We ask that you learn How to Get your Money-Back from PayPal Scammers before you start surfing on newfangled portals.

The Closing Thoughts

This website appears suspicious based on the above facts. It is not possible to declare Banjarwaru Legit, as the website may still be under construction or newfangled. We recommend that you learn How To Get a Refund on Credit Card and how to get a refund if you are scammed. For better styling, you can also read How to Wear Hair Accessories.

Let us know your opinions about the reliability of this website. We would love to hear from you.