Are you looking to look your best for this season? Do you want to shop online for various clothes for women? Are you done shopping for fall and summer? This article will help you find a platform.

We have written about a new online shop that sells women’s clothing. It is a new online store that sells women’s fashion items. This has attracted attention from many countries, including the United States. Please read the following and confirm that your query is legitimate.

Is Anxat Dependable?

We are sure you want to explore the products available on this site. But, it is important to be familiar with the following points. These details will allow you to confirm the legitimacy of this site.

  • Website Age Three and a Half Months, since its creation date was 25 October 2021.
  • Website Trust Score1% This score falls under the category of Very Bad Trust Index.
  • Rank on Alexa – This portal does not have an allotted rank in Alexa’s database. This indicates that the website is still relatively new.
  • Customer Reviews We found Anxat Review for almost all of the products on this website. These reviews are mostly highly rated. We could not verify the reviews because we have no dates to support them.
  • Social Media Links – The developers have linked this website to their social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • We could not verify the domain used by the team’s email address. The number and contact address belong to another company, not this site. This address is displayed on the Internet as well as those of other service providers.

These points show mixed feedback on this platform. Is anxat Legit has been launched by developers.

What’s Anxat?

Anxat, an online shopping site that sells fashionable clothing for women, is called electronic commerce. There are many options available, including tops, sweaters and jackets as well as cardigans and coats. For the coming seasons, discounts are currently offered on the website.


  • Portal Type An online electronic commerce platform that sells women’s clothing such as tops and hoodies.
  • Portal Address –
  • Contact Information – The office address 145–157, St. John St. London, England EC1V-4PW
  • Telephone Number-Buyers may contact us at +44 7482875-871
  • Email Address –
  • Privacy Policy & Terms of Use –Mentioned
  • Social Media Connects –Present It might influence your opinion regarding Is anxat Legit.
  • Shipping Information – Standard shipment takes thirty-five business days. Orders above $79. qualify for free shipping
  • Returns and Refunds Information –Buyers must return the items within 30 days of delivery. Within seven working days, the team will refund all amounts.
  • Only by Price –
  • Filter By Unavailable
  • Payment Methods:Credit, debit cards of American Express, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
  • Product price –Displaying of local currency which users can alter from the menu.


  • There are many outfits on the website.
  • The Privacy Policy covers all legal points.

Disadvantages Regarding Is Anxat Legit

  • On the website’s homepage, the logo mentions “since 1998”. The website’s age is only three months. This contradictory information raises questions about the site’s originality.
  • This portal is still too new to be trusted by customers.
  • Only the price is allowed as a sorting option. There is no filtering option. It will be difficult for shoppers to browse multiple products.
  • All contact information on this website is suspect. According to the Internet, the number and contact address belong to another service provider. We were unable to retrieve any information regarding the domain of the e-mail address.

Anxat Review

This website has not been mentioned in Quora or Reddit conversations. This portal’s suspicious nature is why it isn’t popular. It is also too new and customers cannot trust it. However, the majority of products are positive reviewed.

Customers have expressed their satisfaction with the product. We cannot guarantee that these reviews are genuine since the review dates were not available. To keep your safety, we recommend How do I get a refund on Paypal.

The Final Verdict

We found mixed reviews about this website in our research. We cannot declare Is anxat Legit as it is a newly launched website.