Are you concerned about outdoor furniture being too expensive to buy? Are you looking to purchase watersport gear that is within your budget? You have probably seen the website in the search engine results page if you were to look for information on this topic.

The deal that it offers has made this web portal a huge hit in the United States over the last few months. It has attracted a lot of attention from regular ehoppers in a very short time.

But, Is Legit? Let’s discover.

The reliability of’s web portal is determined:

The site is attracting shoppers with its extensive range of materials and attractive price rates. However, it is important to verify reliability in order to protect your money and data from any bad use. Let’s take a look at its reliability.

  • Trust-Point Score: Portal’s score for the Trust-Index parameter was 1/100.
  • Legality of the address: Although the details are legal, it is not possible to see its company name at that address.
  • Age of the Web Portal. The site started functioning on the 30th July 2021.
  • The Domain ID: This ID is
  • Review: We did not see the Com Reviews.
  • Community Networks: These details are not available on the website.
  • Piracy Data: 20% of the data is common and 5% are piracy data.
  • Information missing: Cancellation policy and phone number
  • Broken Links: Not visible.
  • Authorized by: The whole function is authorized through an “online shop.”
  • Skipped Page: There is only one page.
  • Payment Information: Multiple modes.

The site is still not well-respected in the market even though it has been around for 8 months. You should also be aware that some details may not be as clear as they seem. Please read the next section for more information.

What’s the Web Portal?

This shop is a virtual shop that sells primarily outdoor gear and sports gear. But, Is Legit? It has been featured in multiple media outlets, where people have questions about its legitimacy. We searched the web for the answer and discovered that it has a simple, minimalistic design and easy navigation. The homepage interface contains its product collection, menu headers, and policy tab.

The menu headers can be divided into Water Sports sections and Collection segments, Best Selling product details, Sports & Outdoor items, Hot selling products, and Home tab. The description of each product includes a detailed description and photos. The price is also very affordable.


  • Customer Comments: There are no com reviews.
  • Site’s Link:
  • Information about the Physician: 14706-SW 6th-st. Pembroke-Pines Florida-33027, United States.
  • Email:
  • Phone Number: The number was not found.
  • Cancellation of product: This service is not available as the owner has not mentioned it.
  • Delivery Service: You can check the delivery time and mode when you order something.
  • Fees: These charges can’t be fixed and are only available at the check out window.
  • Refund Service: This service is not available.
  • Is Legal? The site is not reliable.
  • Exchange Service: With the help of a return policy, you can exchange your product. You can return the product to get a replacement.
  • Return policy for products: You have 30 days to return it.
  • Payment Process: PayPal, Visa, Master Card, etc.


  • There are many product options.
  • It also has an HTTPS connection.
  • Various payment modes.


  • Terrible trust score
  • Review policies and cancellation policy are not available.
  • Social networks are lacking.
  • Prevalence of skip pages and piracy content
  • It is not clear what the refund policy is.
  • The phone number is not currently available.

Customer reviews on Is Legal’:

There are no reviews on the site. This is not just true for TrustPilot, but all other feedback platforms.

The site is also missing its community media network, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. These platforms do not allow for opinions. To avoid being scammed, it is better to go to the regular shop where you can buy sports gear. For safe shopping, make sure to read the process for a refund on PayPal.

Final Verdict:

The site’s authority is low or null, so Is Legit. The shop is not trustworthy due to low trust-point, no comments, and no social networks etc.