You may have received a text message claiming that you have an Express Delivery Today. Don’t fall for it! It’s a scam.

These phishing scams include links to phishing websites that request sensitive information from visitors. The scammers will then send the information to them.

This review reveals everything you need about phishing scams such as this ” IIEinfotp Text message Scam“.

We hope you find this review helpful and timely.

IEinfotp Text Message Scam – Express Delivery

We are receiving mails from readers containing screenshots of text messages. They claim that they have an urgent delivery TODAY and must authorize delivery without signing.

This text message looks like this:

Express Delivery 73M102c9 to …. Delivery TODAY. Authorise delivery w/out signature + other options: hxxp://

This may seem so convincing that it might cause you to panic. Hey! You don’t have to be afraid or visit the link. This review will show you how the scam works.

IEinfotp Text Message Scam

Phishing scammers are sending the email to potential victims. They are tricked into believing that a package is on its way and will need to pay a token.

Scammers have improved their game. People who ordered online and are still waiting for their orders are the recipients of the mail. They may have hacked the online shop or found a way of getting the numbers of those who ordered online.

We sent an inquiry to the official site of Royal Mail. We were informed that the mail was not theirs and that the email address had been flagged as Spam.

A warning has been issued to the public.

How does this IEinfotp scam work?

The scammers will request your personal information if you reply to the fake email or text message.

After the information has been sent out, scammers will request money. They will claim that the money is being used to pay taxes, delivery fees, or other fees.

These scammers will steal your money and then disappear. However, the scammers will not send any parcels to the victims as claimed.

Phishing scams are increasing daily. We’ve been able fish similar phishing scams such as EireVerify scam, Svieducation scam and Vince Camuto email fraud, NYSDOL scam and USPS scam to name a few.

What should you do if you receive messages like this?

We advise against sending money or personal information to anyone claiming to be a winner of the lottery.