A text message purporting to be from ICBC referred you to a $110 or $165 one-time gas rebate. This scam is not real! ICBC does NOT send any rebates via email or text message to its customers.

ICBC has received complaints from thousands of people about receiving suspicious-looking text messages. Don’t fall for it!

ICBC Rebate Scam: What Is It?

Scammers are sending this text message shortly after Premier John Horgan announced a one-time payment to drivers. To help motorists with rising gas prices, the Insurance Corporation of BC started sending out insurance rebates to this month. Scammers are trying to defraud British Columbians of their money.

The recipient is made to believe it’s from the right source. However, this is false. This is Phishing scam.

First scam: The icbc rebate text redirects recipients to a suspicious-looking website offering a $110 one-time gasoline rebate.

The current ICBC scam text rebate text is in a different format. Instead of linking, the text tells recipients to text “Y” to get their $165 gas rebate. See the image below. This is obviously a scam! The scammers will send you a link to an ICBC fake website once you have followed the instructions.ICBC Scam Rebate Text 2022

Clicking on the link will take you to a malicious site. The website will request your bank information. You can remove large amounts of money from your account by providing these details.

ICBC has issued a statement warning the public about the ongoing scam. They also offer advice on how to avoid being conned. “If you get a text message asking for you to click a link in order to claim your relief rebate, please delete .this scam is not true.”

How will you receive your ICBC gas rebate?

ICBC will not ask for your bank information regarding gas bills. They will not contact you by text message or email. Because you won’t need to do anything to get your rebate, it will be done automatically.

Direct deposit customers will get the money to their bank accounts. Customers who pay by credit card will see a credit applied to the card between May-June.

Starting in June, people who have used other payment methods will receive a cheque by mail.

Have you been scammed by the ICBC Rebate Text? Do the Following!

It is a phishing scam and you should immediately delete it. Do not forget to notify your loved ones. If they get such a message, they are asked not to click the link.