What is Iamhellmaster Com’s Countdown? Iamhellmaster Com was just launched. It is available worldwide. It is connected to the fourth season on Stranger things. This website copies another website using a different URL but the same name. Keep reading Iamhellmaster Com countdown for more information. It is using Stranger Things. Read below to learn more.

Why is this site trending?

We know that the website gained popularity quickly because Netflix is releasing Stranger Things 4. The Stranger Things trailer was released by Netflix on 12 April 2022. It is three minutes and sixteen seconds long. However, the company discovered that the Stranger Things trailer might not have been secure due to the website Iamhellmaster Com. The website is one-page and was closed on the 29th of April, when the fourth season officially launched.

Information about Iamhellmaster Countdown

To learn more about this website, visit Iamhellmaster.Com. This website is a fraud and is related to Stranger things 4. Although Iamhellmaster appears to be nothing, it does sell services and products. Netflix has made Iamhellmaster a popular website. It is now very popular. It is the one-page website which was supposed to end on the 29th of April 2022, when Netflix released the fourth season. However, we know this website is fraudulent and should not be trusted. It has received a 42.9% business rating. We will tell you more below.

Is Iamhellmaster Com The Countdown Is it Legit

We have discussed that Iamhellmaster Com scam website. It is a duplicate of another website. It didn’t contain any relevant information. Let us discuss its legitimacy below.

  • Trust Score – It has been given an extremely low trust score of 1% which leads us to believe that it should not be trusted.
  • Registration Date: According to the research, Iamhellmaster launched on 21 April 2022.
  • Reviews There were no negative reviews on the websites.
  • Social Media Handles – It’s not found on any social media site, according to our research on Iamhellmaster.com Countdown.


We have seen the article mentioned above. However, despite its popularity due to Netflix, we concluded that the website’s life expectancy is very short. There was no information about customer policies or the owner. The trust score is also very poor. It has been given a 1% trust score, which is extremely disturbing. It is therefore not recommended. This website was given a low rank by Iamhellmaster Com Countdown. For more information on Stranger Things, please visit this link.

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