Are you aware of the recent news about hurricanes? It struck where? Is it a name?

The Hurricane update is sought by people in the United States and Canada. Hurricane Ian struck Cuba and moved towards Florida. We will now look at Hurricane Isaac Cuba Damage and other details.

What’s the most recent news?

Tuesday morning brought news of severe damage to Cuba. A Hurricane of category 3 battered the western coast of the country at 125 mph. The power grid in the country collapsed, causing evacuations and leaving over 10 million people without electricity. Two people were killed when buildings and roofs collapsed. Hurricane Michael moved towards Florida.

There was severe rainfall warning in the area of Cuba after Hurricane Ian. According to reports, the nationwide rainfall could reach 30 cm (12 inches).

Hurricane Ivan Damage in Cuba:

Many people said that it was the worst day of their lives. Many lost their roofs and many buildings fell. Nearly fifty thousand people were evacuated and fifty-five shelters were established to provide protection.

There is also a chance that Hurricane Ian could become more powerful as it moves towards the southwest coast Florida. Forecasters warned of heavy winds and flash flooding across the region. Nearly 2.5 million people were evacuated in Florida. Flooding rains are also being warned for areas like South Carolina and Georgia.

Meanwhile, for Cuba Hurricane Ian Footageyou can check here

Response from the Government:

The White House declared the situation an emergency and sent a disaster management team from the President’s Administration to Florida. Many people have been evacuated from the lower coast. The President encouraged people to follow local authorities’ instructions.

The president stated that public safety is more important then anything.


Tuesday night, Hurricane Ian moved south of Tampa Bay. It is expected to land as a Category 4 storm on Florida’s Gulf Coast.