Do you want to learn more about a popular online gambling platform that is so popular among social media users? Are you interested in learning more about the site’s services? Let’s take a look at all aspects of the online platform.

The Philippines has a high number of online users and is very active.

Let’s look at the Play platform and all the features and services it offers to its users.


Online gamblers can visit Goperya.Com to take part in many betting-based activities and games. Most bets are placed between two players online. Online betting requires that the user creates an account.

To create an account and to be considered credible, users must verify their email ID and phone number. From Goperya, the user can select their language from Tagalog, English or Chinese.

Learn More about Goperya.Com

  • The trust index score for the website is 1%. On the scamdoc platform, the website has a rating of’very poor’.
  • Although the website uses HTTPS protocol, it cannot be used to protect its security.
  • The main reason for the low trust index is the young age of the domain. As the domain age increases, so does the trust score.
  • The public is not able to see the information about the owner/owners, the company address and any other important information.
  • Another reason for the low trust index is that Goperya.Com expires in a year.

Goperya com Platform Play

  • Goperya.Com allows you to bet online.
  • The platform offers users free rewards. This reward program resulted in more users signing up for the site.
  • Goperya.Com was created on January 11, 2022 and expired on January 11, 20,23.
  • Trustpilot has a rating score of 3.7/5 and there aren’t many reviews from Goperya.Com users on Trustpilot.
  • The primary objective of the site is to offer online betting and other related services to users.


  • Go website does not have a significant advantage, as it is primarily designed to offer online betting. This website encourages betting and gambling.


  • Gambling and betting promotion can have a negative impact on a person’s finances, physical, and mental health.
  • We are not aware of any legal authorization or certification that the website may provide.
  • There is not much information on betting and other regulations that the website provides.

We are not supporting gambling activities.


Goperya.Com, an online platform for betting, conducts multiple activities and is best to stay away from such sites. For more information on online gambling please visit this page.