There is an ongoing Google Voice Code Verification Code Scam Your phone number is stolen and a fraudster creates a Google Voice account under your name. Beware! It’s a fraud.

Scammers can hack into your Google Voice account using your phone number to commit fraud. Google sends six-digit codes to verify identities. If a hacker has access to it, they can gain control of your account.

Although you might think hackers only want to access accounts that are owned by wealthy people, this is not the case. Hackers can also take control of regular accounts. Because criminals need only a code to gain control, many people simply give it away without considering the consequences.

Google Voice Code Verification Code Scam 2022 – How does this Scam work?

This is a scam call from fraudsters who want to defraud your credit card. Scammers send the Google Voice Verification Code Scam to your phone. A scammer then creates a Google Voice account under your name. The scammers will then attempt to con others and can target anyone who has ever posted their phone number on the Internet, such as when they post an ad. The scammer will then contact the potential victim as though they were responding to the ad. Under various pretexts, the scammer will ask you to open a message with six-digit numbers. Your number will be hijacked once you reveal the code.

How to Avoid the Google Voice Scam

  • You should not give out the Google verification code that was sent to you by Google to anyone. Hackers won’t likely be able access your information if they don’t have your code.
  • If you sell online, verify the legitimacy of your customer. Also, keep an eye on anyone who has a fake account.
  • Do not rush to sell your products online. Take your time to verify the identity and purchase intent of the buyer.
  • Don’t share personal information online, as you could be exploited.
  • Make complex passwords and try to change them often.

How to recover your stolen phone number

  • Go to Google Voice and choose the Google Voice number.
  • To verify your number, press ‘Verify.
  • This will take to you to another link. Enter your hack phone number once more, and then press Send code’.
  • If your number has been hacked, you’ll be notified and asked to return it.
  • Click “Yes” to retrieve your stolen account.

Another way to get out of a Google verification text scam is to use a different phone number. You will need this number to verify your account. This number shouldn’t have a Google Voice Account.


Google Verification Code appears to be a scam. To prevent this, you should not share your Google verification code to anyone. If your phone number has been hacked, however, you can still retrieve it using the simple steps above. To assist you, send an email directly to Google support.