You have received an email claiming that your Geek Squad personal membership will expire today. You will automatically renew your membership. Beware! It’s a fraud. It is not real. Geek Squad This subsidiary is a Canadian and American multinational consumer electronics company Best Buy.

More than 21,000 people are currently complaining about receiving Geek Squad Auto Subscription email. It works like this:


I just wanted to inform you that your subscription was renewed automatically for 800 USD. You can edit your personal information and payment details on the membership page. Also, you can deactivate the auto-renew account settings.

No.FGDL9547_9028 Series

Product: GS Services – Annual Payment

Payment Method Auto Debit

Mode Online

Timeline: 12 Months

Total Invoice: 765 USD

You can cancel the service at any time.


Christopher B Grogan

For any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Give us a call.



This email is designed to trick people into calling the Geek Squad helpline numbers. The following numbers have been used so far:

  • (888) 880-5019.
  • 1-8055-7687-55
  • (808)444-7792
  • (360)227-4447

How can you tell if it’s a scam?

First, the email address is a dead giveaway. The email address is malicious and not from the alleged business. Email used include;,,, etc.

We tried to contact the phone numbers but the receiver didn’t speak English and kept asking for money.

What should you do if you receive spam emails like this?

We advise against calling the number, clicking the link or trying to send a message. They will try to convince you to send them money or personal information if you do this.