Want to keep up with Lyft driver news and updates? A Lyft driver became viral after he posted a video showing him with racist riders. James W. Bode posted a clip in which he forced a woman from his car for making racist remarks on social media.

Bode’s dashcam in his car captured the event at 10:37 p.m. Friday. The United States of America, Canada, Australia and citizens from the United Kingdom are eager to find out more. Let’s now discuss Fossils last stand racist.

About the News

James Bode, a driver, captured the moment he left a Pennsylvania pub to meet a man and a woman with his dashcam.

Jackie Harford, Fossils Last Stand Catasauqu’s proprietor, was finally identified as the woman. The woman identified as Jackie Harford, who was then asked to repeat the phrase, appears startled that the driver was a “white man” and advises that she leave the vehicle and that he would no longer be their driver. Bode was furious and called him offensive names.

Fossils Review

Yelp user reviews show that many Yelpers noted this incident in their 1-star rating of the restaurant. One Yelp user posted that “POC should not be allowed to operate at their location.”

Bode posted on Facebook immediately after the accident that he had filed an incident report after receiving an assault threat. Many others promised to reimburse Bode the money he lost because of the ride cancellation.

About Fossils The Last Stand Racist

Lyft driver uploaded a video of a conversation she had with a rider. He asked him if he was “regular” and could speak English. Bode asks the rider to “step out of the vehicle”, while telling her it was inappropriate and asking “what the point” if a person of color sits in the driver’s seat.

Bode posted the photos to his Facebook page. Bode stated on Facebook that he reported the incident to police because of the “attack risk” presented by another passenger. Continue reading Fossils last stand review. He said that if you made him feel uncomfortable, I would certainly reciprocate in my vehicle or land. “Yes, they were told that I was filming and I have signed in my vehicle acknowledging this.”


The news is growing in popularity around the world. A Pennsylvania man has been hailed as a hero after he pushed a man and a woman from his Lyft. When the clip was made, it received multiple one-star Yelp reviews.