For FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, the next important thing is Future Stars. This time, we will cooperate with them to hold a Tokens Swaps event. In the event, you can see the various tokens you need and generous rewards. It is important to note that you can do some research on which tokens and rewards are the best and choose accordingly.

Today, Tokens Swaps is back! After claiming the Team of the Year title, FIFA 23 has another pleasant activity. That is, if you want to level up fast, you can use more FUT 23 Coins to get stronger favorite players cards, so as to win more games and become the best in the world.

Next, we will list all Future Stars players for you one by one, so you can know who has been selected by Future Stars. But it’s worth mentioning that our focus is on tokens and rewards.

Tokens Swaps Release

After some advertising information about Tokens Swaps leaked, EA has confirmed some events, the number of tokens and the rewards for the event. Here you can find all the important official information about the operation of FUT 23 swap.

We can get a total of 30 tokens, and the first tokens was available on January 30th, 2023. By convention, you must also first complete Squad Building Challenges and reach the corresponding Objectives.

Ways To Get Tokens

It is worth mentioning that as long as you log into Ultimate Team, you can get the first token. Over time, new tokens will continue to be created.

A Guide For Getting And Using Future Stars Swaps Tokens

If it goes well, it should be easy for you to unlock all 30 tokens. You can also pack the tokens you already got from the store to help you get some other tokens. But the most important thing is to get 30 tokens through SBCs and those Objectives, not just get them from the store.

Various Rewards And Benefits That Tokens Can Bring

If you get packs from the shop, plus other tokens, you can get a total of 30 tokens. And these tokens need to be combined, and we can tell you which combination is the best.

First, you need to think about three important questions, namely how many tokens you can get in total, how many tokens you want to get and which tokens can be combined. If you are very confident that you can get 30 tokens, then we hope you can avoid Icons as an old sweater.

After completing the Icon SBC, you should have earned one to three useful tokens. Depending on how much risk you are comfortable with, you can choose between two 85+ x 10 packs or the Prime Icon Player Pick. The reason to choose packs is that you can save some FUT Coins first and then open them when you come across a SBC that suits your squad, or choose another POTM Kylian Mbappé because I think he’s better than both Zola and Coutinho.

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