Did you receive a Facebook account recovery number that you did not request? Have you received a message from someone on Facebook asking you to send the code? Beware! Scammers will try to hack your Facebook account.Instagram Message Recovery

This trick is used daily by many people, particularly since the message may come from a supposedly “Facebook friend”. This review will explain how the scam works and what you can do to avoid it.

Scammer with the Facebook Account Recovery Code

This is often the scam.

One of your Facebook friends sends you a private message requesting that you change your password. However, they have not received the confirmation codes Facebook sends to verify the account holder’s identity.

They will ask for your phone number to enable Facebook to send the code to your phone.

They will ask you to send the code to them after you have received it on your phone. This code can be used to change your Facebook password.

This is a scam.

What is the Scam?

This is what they would do if you gave them your phone number, and the recovery code.

1- The scammer will get your phone number as well as the confirmation code for Facebook.

2 – The scammer uses these two pieces of information to reset your password on your Facebook account and gain access.

3 – The fraudster will log in to your Facebook account using the new password. He’ll quickly change the phone number as well as the email address connected to it, effectively locking you out.

This is a dangerous scam. This scam is very similar to the ongoing Chronopost scam on Facebook

This is what you should do

Do not fall for the trap. Do not send them your number or any code that you get in your phone via text message, email or phone.

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