Around 40 people are killed each day by ethanol abuse in the United States. It is also known as the slow killer. People are dying each day due to heavy alcohol consumption. It is alarming to learn that alcohol-related deaths are more common than HIV.

The shocking news about the Ethanol Abuse death is that Friday Star Anthony J was killed by excessive alcohol consumption. His nephew found him unconscious in his bedroom.

What’s the latest?

Anthony J, who died from complications of excessive drinking and damaged all his organs, brought attention to this topic. Alcohol abuse has a high death rate. Everyone must be aware of the dangers and effects on human lives.

Unfortunately, alcohol’s harmful effects are not decreasing in the future. In Canada, death due to Ethanol Abuse has increased over the past four to five year.

The essential points about the news

  • This news article highlights the dangers of excessive drinking and how they can impact human lives.
  • People around the world were shocked to hear that Anthony J had died due to heavy drinking.
  • His death was not linked to any other causes. He was declared natural dead and his cause of death was chronic alcohol abuse.

Views about Ethanol Abuse and Death

Every year, campaigns are launched to educate youth about the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption. Millions of people have died from excessive drinking at an early age. It is important to understand the causes of death from alcohol, including alcohol poisoning, multiple organ failure, deaths due to accidents, and other related causes.

Both men and women are affected by alcohol abuse. According to reports, men are more likely to die from alcohol abuse than women. However, women are equally at risk. Ethanol Abuse death is one of the most deadly ways that people die knowingly. The sad thing about it all is that people refuse to stop drinking alcohol.


The World Health Organization estimates that alcohol is responsible for nearly three million deaths each year in the world. We must be responsible when we drink and people who abuse alcohol should seek treatment.

This will help us stop alcohol from causing more deaths than combined. Everybody should be aware of the Ethanol Abuse death and they should help save the lives close to them, as we lost Anthony J because of the same.