The fifth season of Selling Sunset is streaming now on Netflix. Emma Hernan claimed she was once a qualified athlete for the Olympics. It is widely watched by viewers around the world, with strong viewing in the United States and the United Kingdom regions.

This season began on 22 April 2022, and is currently being watched worldwide. People began to inquire about Emma selling Sunset Olympics and whether she was qualified for the Olympics.

The Claim for Qualification for the Olympics by Emma Hernan

This article will let you know if Emma Hernan is telling the truth. Emma Hernan is a strong personality, considered wealthy, and her audience is often captivated. Emma is said to have had a history with some of the principal cast members. She also worked for the Oppenheim Group before she joined the reality series. She was a collaborator with Christine Quinn, Mary Fitzgerald, and Brett Oppenheim.

Now Emma from Selling Sunset claims that she was once a qualified Olympic swimmer. She claimed that she was a skilled swimmer and a great swimmer. She stated that she started swimming at six years of age. Emma’s mother, Emma, was a swimmer and encouraged Emma to join the pool. She claimed that she began breaking records and creating new ones right after she was introduced to the sport. According to some reports, Emma’s greatest strength in swimming is her backstroke. She did not give any further details.

The Truth about Emma’s Claims for the Sunset Olympics

Emma Hernan, sixteen years old, gave up swimming. It should be noted that it is not an easy feat to qualify for the US swimming category. This is after a lot of trials and good track records. Some reports claim that Emma didn’t participate in trials between 2004 and 2008. However, it is possible that Emma was thinking about, or planning for, the trials, but she decided not to participate.

This theory could be valid and convincing, as there are no official records about Emma selling Sunset Olympics taking part in trials. Accordingly, the claims are not supported by official records. There has not been any convincing argument in the media. Emma Hernan should come forward to clarify the situation and which trials she qualified for the Olympics. More information is needed to clarify the situation.


After she began appearing in Selling Sunset’s current season, Emma Hernan has gained a lot of popularity. Recently, she claimed that she was once an Olympic qualifier. People began to search for her past in the sport after she claimed that Emma Selling Sunset Olympics was correct. For more information, please see Emma Hernan, the new Realtor at Selling Sunset.

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