The link below requires that you scan a QR code. It is a Scam . is an infected and fraudulent website. Scammers send DMs from so-called Giveaway Bots asking potential victims for their permission to visit fake Discord Nitro servers, or websites promoting “free Nitro and Robux” giveaways that require users to sign up.

What happens when you visit the website?

You will be taken to a website that phishes for personal information and malware.

Do not be deceived by the discord logo or the look of the messages. All messages are fake. The malicious website link is located in the text message.

The following websites have been used by scammers so far:

  • Gifts dlscord
  • Discord. Birth

Contact your bank immediately if you submit financial information to the fake website.

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What should you do if you receive phishing texts like this?

No matter how convincing the message/mails may sound, you should not click on any of the links or send any personal information.

You should first ignore these messages and search online for reviews.