Marilyn Monroe: Who are you? Was she a mother to an abortion? What were her reasons for having an abortion? The United States and United Kingdom are eager to learn more about Marilyn. This article will answer all your questions. If you’re interested in Did Marilyn Monroe Abortplease read this article.

Why did she choose to have an abortion?

According to James Haspiel, Marilyn has not had an abortion. However, she did experience miscarriages from endometriosis. According to sources, Arthur Miller, her husband, got her pregnant. Unfortunately, she suffered a miscarriage that ended her life. She suffered a lot, which was devastating. Did Marilyn Monroe have children is a common question. We will discuss the details shortly.

More About Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe: Who are you? Marilyn Monroe was an American actress and singer. Born in Los Angeles, June 1, 1926. Her role as “Blonde Bombshell” was her most prominent. The American Film Institute ranked her sixth on its list of greatest female screen legends of the Golden Age of Hollywood. She was also nominated for the Best Actor Award.

Marilyn Monroe, Husbands

According to sources, Marilyn Monroe was married three times. Before her death, she was married three more times. Arthur Miller, a playwright, was Marilyn’s third husband. Joe DiMaggio, a baseball player was her second husband. They divorced in October 1954. James Dougherty, a factory worker, was her first husband. She got married when she was 16. Sources say she was pregnant three times, but never had children. Many people are curious if she had any abortions. Marilyn never had an abortion in her life.


Many questions surround Marilyn Monroe Married to .she was three times married. According to sources, her first husband died from complications of leukemia. Her marriage to him lasted four years. Her loss of children was devastating. She was through some very difficult times. She died from a barbiturate overdose. Click this link for more information

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