Did you receive an email from Dicks sporting good stating that your name was selected for a YETI Hopper 20 Cooler reward? You’re not the only one who received this email from Dicks sporting goods. Hundreds of people have received similar emails since July 2022. They promise a YETI backpack cooler once they complete the survey.

Last week I received the same email. I decided to try to find out what the guys behind it were up to and how they plan to gift me something super cool. First of all, the email didn’t come from the official Dicks sporting goods address which ends in @dickssportinggoods.com. The email came from an unusual address, which was itself a redflag. Below is the email.

The email contained an attachment that I had to click on. Instead of the one question that was stated in the email, I clicked on it and found 8 questions. It also said free shipping.

Here is where the scammer comes in.

After I filled out the survey, I was asked to pay $4.96 for shipping. It was quite shocking, as I had been told that shipping was free just moments before. But I wasn’t surprised. I love the saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t,” and it’s a favorite of mine.

What happens when you pay shipping fees?

These scammers will take your credit card details and delete all your bank accounts. They are not the legitimate Dicks Sporting Goods Company and don’t offer any free gifts.

You can also expose your phone by visiting the link in the text.

It’s a Scam

  • The email is not from an official Dicks address
  • It uses tinyurl.5ru to shorten links that often lead to malicious websites.
  • complaints are online regarding this email

If you have clicked on the link, you can install anti-phishing software. This will scan your device for viruses and protect it.

What should you do if you receive phishing texts like this?

No matter how convincing the message/mails may sound, you should not click on any of the links or send your personal data.

You should first ignore these messages and search online for reviews.