Credit National Assist has called or voicemail you claiming they will follow up on your request for financial assistance. This is a scam! Many people have received similar calls from Credit National Assist Program. This article explains how the scam works and what you can do to avoid being scammed again.

Online scams are popping up all the time. We have taken on the responsibility to review products, websites, and other information in order for you not to make poor decisions.

The program claims to help people get rid of their debts through financial assistance. It claims that it has limited openings and works on a first-come, first-serve basis. This sounds cool, right? It’s not! The filth lies beneath the glamour and glitter!

Online reports indicate that this group is not authorized to provide credit loans. The company’s website contains no information. Their LinkedIn Page contains no information. However, their website is not functional. They have been reported as scams by thousands of people due to their persistence and apparent urgency.

This so-called agent used the following numbers –





Heather, Gina and Renee are the aliases that are used.

What is the Scam?

This scam works in the same way as any other scam: it aims to steal your personal and financial information. They want you to fall for their trap! How? You can return the call.

Below is the experience of a call recipient.

My eligibility was confirmed by Heather. She said that I would be able to repay my loans in full in 120mos as long as I have a yearly income of less than $125k. But, she (Heather) told me that, before that could happen, I first have to pay a preparation/consolidation fee of $180 over 4mos (totaling $720). She asked me if I wanted to proceed. I said that I would like to have more time to gather information and review all details before I commit and asked if he could send me the documents first.

This is where the scammer comes in

She stated that she needs card information before sending the docs. This is strange because once a call ends, they move on and cannot have any unsigned or incomplete docs around. Although I found the whole thing strange, she suggested that I could give her a credit, debit, prepaid, an old/expired or gift card. I gave her a prepaid card number, which was almost expired and had no money.

This scam is very similar to Student loan forgiveness scam. This is the same method of operation.

We recommend that you block the number from calling you, as they can call you back repeatedly. You don’t know how? This article will show you how.