Costco Text messages claim you have won an iPhone, Airpods, or reward coupon in the annual raffle draw. It’s a scam. Costco does not give out coupons or raffle prizes at the moment.

This review will expose all you need to know about the Costco raffle text and reward coupon scams, as well as why they are fraudulent.

What is the Costco Raffle Prize Scam?

Fraudsters are using the giveaway message to steal your financial and personal information. How does it work? Before they can claim their prize, they must provide their credit card information.

These scammers will take every dollar from your bank account if you do. They are not the legitimate Costco company and don’t have an iPhone or Airpod.

Costco Text Scam Messages

This is the scam message:

Costco: your code 57218 printed on your receipt from 19 came in 1st in our AirPods draw: Costco raffle prize scam text

Do not be deceived by the name in the text message. Scammers can easily get your phone number and name these days. All messages are fake. The malicious website link is found in the text message.

Additionally, the Costco social media handles do not mention a raffle draw.

Contact your bank immediately if you submit financial information to the fake website.

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What should you do if you receive phishing texts like this?

No matter how convincing the message/mails may sound, you should not click on any of the links or send any personal information.

You should first ignore these messages and search online for reviews.