This article explains Cookie Swirl C Face as well as the current status of her popularity via social media platforms.

Are you a YouTube video viewer? Are you a YouTube video watcher? Many people have uploaded videos to YouTube in recent years. Cookie Swirl is just one example. The track receives a huge response from both the United States as well as the United Kingdom.

Many people don’t even know the person in this video. People recently discovered the Cookie Swirl Face. This is why video watchers are so excited.

What do you know about the Face Reveal?

It was nearly five years ago. On 3 October 2017, the video makers shared her face on YouTube. In the “Face Reveal – My Face Vlog with Dogs Cookie Swirl C”, the video maker revealed her face.

Recent news has revealed that the video received an overwhelming response from its viewers. Millions of people watched the video, especially in Australia. The video currently has 13,751,826 views. This is a huge responsibility for a video.

Cookie Swirl C Age

Many Canada video viewers want to know the exact age of their maker. We have gathered some data and can share it with our readers. According to some reports, the video maker was actually born on 14/03/97. According to the latest count, she is 25 years old, 5 months, and 2 days.

We also get the real name of this person. Cookieswirlc’s real name is Candace. Candy is her nickname. Many know her as Candy, but many also call her “Cookie”. You can also find her on Twitter.

Cookie Swirl C Face

The video viewers received a huge response after the person’s face was shown in the video. According to the report, she is a US citizen. The lady is also from California. We don’t know much about her hometown.

Cookie is well-known for her cooking skills and toy playing videos. The video’s face revealed received a huge response. There has been much debate over the video in recent months. Many people believe Cookie is a P star or not.

We checked all the facts and found that she isn’t P-Star. This is a rumor. We hope you can find the answer Is Cookie swirl C a PH star?

What is Trending in the News?

The matter is often discussed for two reasons. The first is about the number of viewers. Also, the debate over her Ph-star status. Many people follow her on Facebook and comment on the videos she uploads on social media.


Finally, the topic has become the main conversation in town. People watch her videos often and enjoy them. She is passionate about horses and riding horses. She got millions of views on her Cookie Swirl C Face video.

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