What is Complete Save?

Complete Save, or Complete Savings, is a cashback website that partners with more than 750 online retailers like Debenhams, Argos, and others. For a monthly fee, it offers money off future purchases.

This means that your PS15 would be debited, and you would be able shop online at no cost from any of the retailers listed above. Most people don’t realize they have subscribed to the package. Most people mistakenly believe that the discount is only for one purchase and not for a paid membership to another service. They might not have had the patience to read the Caveat in small print.

You can see it in the picture below.

What can you do in such a situation? What can you do to stop future monthly fees? Continue reading!

How to Avoid Completesave Scams

Complete Save or Complete Savings has charged you, that means you are a member. You can cancel your membership by following this procedure.

  • Send an email to customerservice@completesavings.co.uk
  • To speak to a customer representative, call 0800 389 6960
  • Drop your complain on ComplaintsBoard here for quick resolution.

Report unauthorized transactions immediately to your card holder. If you immediately report, you may be eligible to receive your money back.


The Complete Save scam is a scam to deceive people into signing up for its PS15 monthly membership package. Pop-up notifications are accompanied by tiny print so that people cannot read the text before they subscribe. To cancel your subscription, please follow these steps if you have fallen for this scam!