is it a scam? ? Are you eligible to win free flights on the website? Beware! It’s all a scam. links to a fake Southwest Air page on Facebook. This is not a legitimate website for winning flight tickets.

First, the 69th anniversary celebrations are fake. Southwest Airlines was established in 1967. It is only 55 years old and not 69. The Facebook page “Southwest Air Fans” is also fake. It doesn’t have a verified Facebook blue tick so it is not official Southwest Airlines Facebook.

Although is not currently available, we were able get the following information about it –

  • was created just a few days ago.
  • The owners of the vehicle are not listed.
  • Websites have a very short lifespan. is a Scam is a malicious website. It has nothing to do Southwest Airlines or To trick people, the Facebook page was created by the scammers behind this website. It offers a giveaway for 2 round-trip tickets.

This is what it looks like:

Scammer claims that “We have decided to celebrate our 1969th anniversary by giving two round-trip tickets for everyone who types (Done), by Sunday 5pm.

It’s a scam that entraps thousands every year, as this article shows.


All indications indicate that does not operate as a legitimate flight ticket website. It’s unsafe, unsecured, and was created to scam innocent people.