Scammers have been contacting sellers on Facebook to offer to buy their items. They promise to send a Chronopost courier to your house to collect your money and deliver the item. It is a scam. This article explains how the scam works and how you can avoid getting scammed.

Online scams are popping up all the time. We have taken on the responsibility to review products, stores, websites, etc. in order for you not to make poor decisions.

Chronopost Scam Facebook Marketplace

This is how the scam conversation looks.

  • Hi, this is it?
  • – me: Yes
  • Is it in good shape?
  • What’s the price?
  • From where are you?
  • – me
  • Okay, the price is right for me. However, I would love to visit you today because I am too busy at work. I will send a Chronopost courier to your house to collect your cash and give you the item.
  • – me: I don’t know much about Chronopost
  • [I searched Chronopost to find it was a France-based shipping firm and it has 84% 1 Star TrustPilot reviews.]
  • Explain that a Chronopost agent will visit your home and give you an envelope containing money. Once you verify your money, he will ask you to give me the object.

Many people complained about this scam on Reddit, and Facebook. Exact modus operandi.

What is the Scam?

This scam works in the same way as any other scam: to steal your money. How?

After you provide your email address and email address, they will send you a Chronopost email. This email is clearly fake. “Chronopost’ will send you an email asking for PS50 to insure DPD. Once the items have been delivered, they will refund your money. Here is the trick. They send a DPD website that is fake. Once you click the link, and pay the money, it will go directly to the scammers.

This scam is very similar to the Student loan forgiveness scam. It is the same method of operation.

This is what you should do

Do not fall for the trap. Do not send them your address or email. If you have already done this, do not click on any links in the email.