Do you want to learn more about the recent winners of an award given to online creators who create engaging content? Let’s find out all about the trending event, and the amazing creators who participated in it.

The United States and Canada are eager to discover the content creators that won in the different categories. It also provided exposure for talent via various social media platforms. Continue reading to learn more about the Cheer Selection Awards 2022 Winners .

About 2022 Cheer Choice Awards

Cheer Choice Awards are a program created by Danielle Claudio to promote online creators. They honor various awards based upon their talent and skills. The most recent ceremony took place at MGM Grand Casino Resort, Las Vegas on 8 and 9 April 2022.

The event featured performances by special guests, in addition to the award ceremony. The 2022 Cheer Choice Awards were hosted by Scott D. Henry and Tina Maddigan. Jon Bailey announced the names of the winners. Beastmodeart was named the winner in the “Art” category.

What Are Cheer Choice Awards Finalists

Below are the official winners of this year’s Cheer Choice Award.

  • Comedy: justin_danger_nunley
  • Cosplay: blue_eyed_darkness
  • Chefadamlibby: Cooking
  • Dance: tiktokmomma7
  • Health and Fitness: iamenoughmichael
  • Fashion and Beauty: justclassicallycassidy
  • Officer_Scales: Military and First Responders
  • Positively_Paige_Home and Garden
  • Motivational or inspirational: shoelover99
  • Original Sound or Concept: jasonbankscomedy
  • Music / Musical Composition/ Vocal/Bands: jaxwritessongs
  • Pets and Animals: K9_mattis
  • Original Sound or Concept: jasonbankscomedy
  • Videography/Transitions /Cinematography: lady. Hopps
  • Travel and Tourism: vegasstarfish

Learn More About Award Ceremony and Cheer Selection Awards 2022 Winners

  • Brent Morgan, songwriter, and singer, performed at 2022 Cheer Choice Awards.
  • Sarah Hester Rossgot performed at the event.
  • Vincent Oshana (Air Force veteran, comedian, and actor) also attended the event.
  • Jack Brown was also part of the special guests at 2022 Cheer Choice Awards.
  • Other talented entertainers included Brooklyn Verard and Todd Royce, Rachel Pederson and Felicia Malyuk.

What makes Cheer Choice Awards so special?

  • Supporting online talent is the initiative. Let’s answer the question, Who Won Cheer Choice Awards?
  • Many online creators have been exposed online since the Cheer Choice Awards were established by Danielle Claudio, December 2020.
  • The ceremony was designed to support and encourage the next generation of online talents.
  • The award winners also receive worldwide recognition.


The Cheer Choice Awards encourage others to make social media content that has a positive impact on society. For more information on this topic please visit here.

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