Scammers pretend to be Chase Bank and send text messages to scammers claiming all kinds of things. Hayward woman named Tina Kumar received mail containing 70 Chase credit cards. She also received 70 checks from 70 strangers. This is quite alarming. Beware! It’s a Scam!

This fraud is known as the “Phishing Scam” and it’s very common.25-10-2022 (Part-04) | Scammer Site…

The mail contained 70 Chase bank credit cards. These cards were issued to 70 total strangers. Unknowingly, she activated the card when she called the number. She had actually used the cards, which was a good thing.

Scammers also tried to defraud a victim by claiming Chase Bank had reimbursed him $12,000 he was unable to pay in a fraud after WRTV became involved.

They sound convincingly like a bank representative telling him they will walk him through the process and get his money back. Even if the message is legitimate, don’t be fooled. has been alerted to the malicious messages and advised customers to not click on or respond to them.

Have you received a Chase Bank text message? Do the Following!

You should also delete the text message as it is phishing. Do not forget to notify your friends and family.


Scammers are using text messages to pretend to be Chase Bank to defraud customers. You should delete this text message immediately if you get a phishing scam. Do not forget to notify your loved ones. If they get such a message, they are asked not to click the link.