Are you interested in earning money from home by signing up for Cash & Go? Is it possible to withdraw the cash you make from the website? is it a scam or real? Find out what our scam analyst had to say about!Cashvib site Review (my experience)Image of Cash&Go – Genuine Earnings Site

What is

Cash&Go, located at, is supposedly the top research market network that helps you make money using social media. Sign up to receive a $25 bonus and $5 for each user you refer. You also get paid for the following tasks:

  • Test free apps and games
  • completing surveys

Users can withdraw their earnings immediately through CashApp, Venmo and PayPal according to the site. This is amazing! Continue reading to discover more!

Things to Know Before You Join

The site is suspicious. It is a fake work-from-home site, called SocialDM. It has the same website design, content and offers as the site. Cash&Go, like Socialdm is not a legitimate work-from-home site. Do not be fooled by the fake reviews!

Second, you cannot withdraw your earnings immediately. Instead of being paid immediately after you complete your task, you are told to wait until a month. They call this ‘Processing’, which is supposed to be done to verify that you have not cheated. Your dashboard will display that you have been paid, but you have not received any money.

There is also the possibility of identity theft and fraud. Some tasks require you to provide your social security number. This is not a good idea! Identity theft is possible if you give out your social security number. Identity theft is one the fastest-growing crimes in America. Someone can steal your Social Security number and use it to obtain other personal information.

Is Cash&Go a Scam?

Cash & Go, also known as Cashandgo, operates in the same way that a few other questionable work-from-home sites do. It is structured so that the founder benefits and not users who do tasks every day. They will try to get your personal information repeatedly, asking you to enter your name, email, and phone number here. Then they will ask you to sign up for mailing lists and other offers.

Cash&Go’s founder, who is anonymous by the way, gets paid through CPA offers to people to access all these offers and other things. The founder of Cash&Go doesn’t care much about users and won’t pay them at the end.

This business model is not worth the risk. This system has been shown to me numerous times: Itsdollar Use2earn,

It’s a wasteful of time and data. Influencers don’t get paid.


Cash&Go, located at, is a scam work-from-home platform that targets unsuspecting victims. This is not a legitimate site that allows you to make money by completing small tasks. This is a lure to grab your attention.