A text message containing the following message was sent to you: “AT&T Free Msg” You placed 2nd in Connecticut AT&T SWEEPSTAKES Claim your bounty now” This review will help you make an informed decision about email and text messages such as this Connecticut AT&T SWEEPSTAKES.

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2021 AT&T Sweepstakes: Anything Like This?

We’ve been getting mails from readers containing screenshots of text messages, claiming that they were among the lucky winners of a ” AT&T connecticut Sweepstakes“.

This is the text message.

“AT&T free Msg: [firstname] You placed 2nd in the Connecticut AT&T SWEEPSTAKES Claim your bounty by clicking the link, or show this code to AT&T story (code em>

It might seem so convincing and make you believe that your dreams are coming true. Hey! Beware! The AT&T Connecticut Sweepstakes scam is back. This review will show you how the scam works.

AT&T Sweepstakes 2021: Another Scam!

Scammers are sending the text messages to potential victims of lottery fraud. This is a trick to convince them that they are winners of the “Connecticut Sweepstakes”.

However, the scammers are not intelligent. The scammers are however not intelligent. Some people who received the text message were not from Connecticut and have never applied for any contest.

We discovered that they did not have sweepstakes when we contacted the real American Telephone and Telegraph Company.

How does this AT&T sweepstakes scam work?

The scammers will reply to your fake text message by asking you to send personal data in order to claim the prize.

After the information has been sent out, scammers will request money. They will claim that the money is being used to pay taxes, processing fees, delivery fees, or any other fee.

The lottery scammers will steal your money and then disappear. However, the lottery scammers will take the money and disappear. The victims will not be awarded the prize or money promised, but they will still walk away with a few hundred or thousands of dollars.

What should you do if you receive emails like this?

We advise against sending money or personal information to anyone claiming to be a winner of the lottery.