The Assetweet email claims that you have won a Walgreen gift certificate or a Home Depot power drill. It is a fraud. Since June 2022 Many people complained about receiving spam emails from Assetweet that contained a link to

Assetweet Scam Email 2222: What’s it all about?

This email scam claims you have won one or more offers. The message directs recipients towards, which is a malicious website.

You are exposed to spyware, viruses, and malwares by clicking on the link. These can cause damage to your device and could hack or destroy your phone. Beware!

Do not fall for the phony email, no matter how convincing it may seem. This is a scam email, not from a trusted source. It is best to immediately block the sender and then delete this scam text.

Assetweet Email Scam? Do the Following!

It is a scam and you should immediately delete the message. Do not forget to notify your loved ones. If they get such a message, they are asked not to click the link.

You can also report unscrupulous websites or scams and tell us why the websites are fraudulent.