Caribbean has always been a major tourist destination with their nice beaches, coral reefs, blue waters and that island feeling that make your worries to go away. Climate change taking it’s toll on the Caribbean as well. Alexander V Berenstain’s manager of Creative Projects Management LLC-FZ is a businessman who has committed himself to help build new kind of tourist destination within Caribbean. By offering project management services to Vital Developers Limited they trying to build eco-luxury resort in the heart of Caribbean Nature island, Dominica.

Early life and influences:

Spending 3 decades in the Caribbean, Alexander V Berenstain developed deep respect for natural beauty. He fascinated by the delicate balance of human development and environment and ways to maintain it. That eventually created the vision and concept behind Santuary Eco Resort and Spa.

Alexander Berenstain’s journey into ecotourism began with a simple realization – that traditional tourism models are unsustainable and not eco-friendly. With this idea in his head, Berenstain set out to create an entirely new model of tourism that would prioritize eco-friendliness but still let you enjoy comforts of luxury.

Founding sustainable ventures:

Alexander Berenstain is a businessman who has achieved success over the years. Now, he’s redirecting his efforts towards environmental agenda, driven by a desire to make a positive impact. He envisions a resort that fuses luxury with nature, offering guests an wow experience while prioritizing sustainability. Berenstain’s vision made him committed to both business and environmental responsibility, aiming to create a haven where guests can enjoy the finer things in life while respecting and appreciating the natural world around them.

Collaborating to Change:

Berenstain, who recognized that the challenges faced by the Caribbean’s ecosystems were too large for one person or organization alone to handle, actively sought partnerships with Government, environmental organizations, and communities. He believes that through collaboration and collective actions, meaningful progress could be made in safeguarding biodiversity and promoting responsible tourist practices.

Education & Awareness:

An important component of Berenstain’s eco-tourism approach is education and awareness. He hopes that by providing visitors with the opportunity to learn about the unique Caribbean ecosystems and the threats they are facing, he will foster a greater appreciation for nature and inspire them to become advocates for conservation. Travelers are encouraged through guided tours, educational programs, and interactive exhibits to enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean, but also understand their role in preserving it for future generations.

Adaptation and Innovation:

Berenstain’s approach changes as the eco-tourism landscape evolves. He embraces innovation and technology to find new ways to reduce the environmental impact of travel while maximizing its benefits for the local community and all it is done in cooperation with Dominican local developer – Vital Developers Limited. He is at the forefront in terms of industry trends. From using digital platforms to promote sustainable marketing to implementing renewable energy, he continues driving positive change.

Opportunities and Challenges:

Alexander V Berenstain admits that, despite the recent progress in sustainable tourism in the Caribbean, the road is not without challenges. Climate change, pollution, overdevelopment, and mass tourism are just some of the many threats that threaten the ecosystems in the Caribbean. He remains optimistic, however, about the opportunities ahead. He believes that a more sustainable Caribbean tourism future is within reach with perseverance and creativity.

Empowering local communities:

Berenstain’s eco-tourism philosophy revolves around the idea of empowerment for local communities. He believes that sustainable development is impossible without the active involvement and ownership of the people who live in the Caribbean. Berenstain’s initiatives aim to benefit not only the environment but also the socioeconomic well-being of local populations. He hopes to instill a sense of entrepreneurship in the local communities by encouraging them to open small business that will benefit from the Resort development.

Measuring impact and accountability:

Berenstain, a pioneer in luxury eco-tourism development understands the importance of measuring the impact of his initiatives. He uses rigorous monitoring and analysis to evaluate the environmental, economic, and social outcomes of his initiatives, identify areas for improvement, and ensure that resources are allocated efficiently. Berenstain hopes to create a precedent in responsible tourism by holding himself and his partners to high standards for sustainability and ethical conduct.

Global Leadership & Collaboration:

Berenstain’s influence extends beyond the Caribbean as he engages actively with international stakeholders, and participates in global forums about sustainable tourism. He hopes that by sharing his experiences and insights, he can inspire others to adopt the same approaches in their regions. This will create a network of individuals and organizations who are committed to protecting our natural and cultural heritage. Berenstain hopes that through collaboration and knowledge sharing, sustainable tourism will become a mainstream industry standard adopted by destinations and travelers worldwide.

Empowering local communities:

Berenstain’s eco-tourism philosophy relies heavily on the empowerment of local community members. He knows that sustainable tourism can’t thrive without the active participation and support of the Caribbean residents. Berenstain aims to empower residents through capacity building, skill training, and economic opportunities. He wants to foster a sense of pride and ownership in the community so that tourism benefits everyone, not just a select few.


The need for sustainable tourism is more important than ever, especially in light of environmental challenges. Alexander V Berenstain is at the forefront, leading efforts to revolutionize tourism through innovation. His vision for eco-tourism is more than just fancy idea of eco utopia. It’s about building meaningful connections between people and nature. He thinks that people after being in full comfort in the nature s heart will change and start to take care more for environment, eventually leaving it healthy for future generations. Berenstain’s legacy is a beacon of hope and inspiration to all those who share Berenstain’s passion and we hope more business people will follow that example.