A text message with a link on acsalert.com was sent to you. Beware! It’s all a scam.

Acs Alert scam text message claims that you only need to work 20 minutes per day to earn PS100-500 easily. This is false!

It’s impossible to make any money on acsalert.com. This link will take you to malicious websites that are designed to steal your financial and personal information.

This fraud is known as the “Phishing Scam” and is quite common.

This is the phishing scam text message.

You can earn 20 minutes per day. You can easily earn PS 100-500 You can work from home. Click the link to contact me. Add WhatsApp : https: //www.acsalert.com/0132837

You can also get it in this format.

Hello, I’m the general manager for the Mercado Libre project. At the moment, I am looking to hire a part-time staff who will work remotely. There are no working hours, and wages will be paid the same day. Weekly salary: 50-2000 Click the link below to consult online customer service WhatsApp:hxxps://www.acsalert.com/0857359

Acs Alert Scam: What You Can Do About It!

You should also delete the text message as it is phishing. Do not forget to notify your friends and family.


Acsalert scam SMS or Acs alert scam SMS is a phishing scheme targeting innocent people. This fake text message claims that recipients are eligible to work remotely. This is completely false! Don’t click on the click!