Are you a practitioner of Indoor cycling? It is a wonderful and fun-filled activity that everyone can do. However, most people don’t understand the ground rules of the game and end up wasting their time and or money. Some even lose money over teh sport or end up being conned by people in the online world. So, it is important to avoid the following sins of cycling in the online world.

Never Cycle Inside a Completely Closed Room

Cycling is good and so is sweating. However, when you cycle inside a completely closed room without proper ventilation or air conditioning, it could lead to shortage of breath due to low oxygen levels inside the room. Once you start cycling at high speeds your body will consume a large amount of oxygen. If the oxygen is not replenished by fresh air or through air ducts, you could end up suffocating for breath. This does more damage to your body than the fat or cholesterol that you are trying to lose.

Don’t Cycle Without Some Company

This could sound simple but if you don’t have proper company, you could end up feeling sad or lonely and this could have an impact on your cycling. This is why it is important to find the right partner for your virtual cycling.

Never Engage in Virtual Cycling without Safeguards

If you are using virtual reality goggles or using the app in goggles it could make you feel like you are completely in a different world. This will mask all the things that are happening in the real world. Worse, you will not be able to see people who are in front of you. So, always take the necessary safeguards & then practise cycling.

Don’t Divulge Personal Information in the Internet World

Online cycling is an interesting sport but there are many dangers lurking in the online world. You could be conned by potential thiefs and con artists who pose as legitimate people on the internet. So, keep your personal & confidential information safe. Never share your usernames or passwords in the world of Vingo. 

Don’t Use Old Cycles / Exercise Bikes

Old cycles & bikes could be cheap but they could also make your cycling experience bad. For instance, you don’t get automatic difficulty setting in the old bikes. It makes it hard for you to feel the seamless motion in the virtual world.

Never Choose an App for Flashy Things

True that you need an Indoor cycling app to cycle in the virtual world but never choose an app for the sheer number of fancy and flashy things provided by the app. 

Don’t Cycle Continuously – Try Jogging or Running Too 

Cycling is an exciting process but don’t cycle continuously. Instead mix and match your physical fitness routing and it keeps the whole process interesting. So, find the best bike training app for you today and get creative. 

Jogging and running also keeps you active and helps you stay in shape. This is why the app also comes with the ability to provide a better experience for running too.